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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  October 27, 2009 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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midnight, six hours of day and we've got ourselves, well, look at this, inch and a half in ocean city. mount airy almost, almost 3/4 inch, .68 there. something like 2/3. half-inch in easton. just under half-inch in columbia. on maryland's most powerful doppler radar, coming from western howard county where you see the i-70 there, that is where we're looking at heavy rain in mount airy. this conveyer belt continues, mount airy on back towards carroll county, heavy rain to westminster and it continues to head up to manchester. puddles out there. and unfortunately this will make for a slow ride even along 83. near 50 this morning with periods of heavy rain, we'll maybe have a stoppage of the rain for a couple of hours before it comes in again this afternoon, 2-degree guarantee of 59. here's kim brown with the traffic. >> thank you. traffic is pretty smooth here on the northeast corner at harford road as you make your way towards the top side of the beltway. no problems on 695 so far though. you see the roads are really
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slick so use caution. several crashes to let you know about. northbound bw parkway at routes 175 in jessup. a crash reported there as well. we have a crash coming in, in howard county, southbound route 29 at the baltimore national pike, that involves a couple of vehicles so use caution there. in hanover, route 170 at elm road is closed due to an accident so try to find a way around that. as we look at the jfx here at the 41st street bridge traffic looks great in both directions. back to you. today hundreds of people will get vaccinated by appointment only for the h1n1 virus in anne arundel county but not everyone who goes will receive the vaccine. abc2 news linda so is here with more on why. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the county health department has 600 doses to give out but you have to make an appointment to get one. you must be in the targeted priority group. both the shot and nasal spray are available. the vaccine will be administered at three of the county health centers. the one in annapolis, glen burnie and odenton.
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it's on a first come/first serve basis but you can't just show up. to you have make -- you have to make an appointment over the phone. some counties had to delay clinics because they simply don't have the vaccine. for parents it's not good news. >> too much going around, the whole panic thing with the parents. my doctors' office says they don't know if they will get theirs at all. it's just a waiting game. >> reporter: so far, anne arundel county has more than 30 confirmed cases of swine flu. you can go to for a link to the state's interactive map. it will tell you when the flu clinic will be held in your area. again, anne arundel county will be accepting appointments today starting at 8:30 this this morning. 410-222-4896. in the next half-hour where other h1n1 clinics will be held later this week. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. president obama this
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weekend declared the h1n1 flu a national emergency. communities have been swamped with lines of people when the vaccine becomes available at local helicopter departments or clinics, government officials admit they don't know the scope of the pandemic which broke out last spring and now this second wave this fall. >> you might see another wave after the first of the year so i think it's going to be important for people to take steps to protect themselves. unfortunately, i can't predict exactly what is going to happen. >> under the new orders hospitals can more easily set up disaster relief-type operations for swine flu treatment if they are overwhelmed with sick patients. such as erecting tents and parking lots and setting up health clinics in school gyms or possibly community centers. what do you think about all this. how the government and maryland health officials are handling the h1n1 virus. friend us on facebook and twitter. we've done the work for you. just write us. we want to get your comments on the air. in a few hours family and
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friends will hold a funeral for walter brooks. the young anne arundel county teen believed to have died due to h1n1. brooks' parents say he came down with what appeared to be a cold but then got worse quickly. he was hospitalized and that is when doctors told his parents that walter brooks had swine flu. it attacked his immune system allowing another infection to take hold. so the funeral will be held at 11:00 at the heritage community church today in severn. the information is right there on the screen. right now 6:04. new at 6:00 -- security tightened overnight following sunday's blast that killed 100 people in baghdad. it's been just over two months since more than 100 people were killed during attacks at the ministries of finance and foreign affairs. it is still a search and recovery effort that is still going on at the site of the twin suicide truck bombs that happened yesterday. today the national transportation safety board will release its final cause of what brought down the maryland
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medevac helicopter last year. trooper 2 crashed near andrews air force base killing four of the "people are talking" on board. it was a -- killing four of the five people on board. it was a rainy night when car accident victims were picked up and it crashed on the way to the hospital. we're standing by for word today following yesterday's safety test conducted during rush hour in washington on the dc metro system. the metro crash in june killed nine people. the tests involved software developed to back up metro's crash avoidance system. new at 6:00 -- bill cosby is feeling reflective after a celebration of his life's work making people laugh. last night cosby received the nation's top humor prize at the kennedy center in washington. and was saluted by fellow comedians and entertainers. he was applauded by chris rock, jerry seinfeld just to name a few. the cosby show co-stars phylicia rashad and malcolm
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jamal warner were also there. >> greatest american comedian of all time. as simple as that. and most people don't really understand that. i mean, the comedians know because the comedians know how difficult it is to do what he does. but the public, i think, he's always very, you know, nice storyteller and kids like him but he's the greatest american comedian of you -- all time. >> seinfeld and rock shared the stage. both said they followed cosby's comedy as children and were inspired with their own careers. 6:06. three kids with her, two were her own. the trouble she now faces after what officers found her doing. plus, a visit to florida by the commander in chief. what he's saying about using u.s. forces to fight in wars. waiting tables and going on lots of auditions. just kind of getting my feet wet and trying to get some good work. >> she and her co-stars are now
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millionaires. the low-budget blockbuster that is surprising millions at the box office. 6:06. we've had periods of heavy rain already this morning. it continues in some spots. we're looking at temperatures near 50 and plan for big puddles which means put those rubber boots on the kids at the bus stop. maryland's most powerful doppler radar next. lets check the roads with kim. >> traffic is moving about pretty nicely at harford road on the outer loop. getting word of a crash on the inner loop ramp to pulaski highway, use caution. i'll have a complete and detailed report when we come back.
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6:10. movie studios spend millions of dollars making films, promoting them. then there's this movie, "paranorm activity," the producers spent almost no money making the movie but made a lot of money from the movie. here's brian rooney. >> reporter: we asked meeka and katie to walk along
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broadway in new york city. no one knew them. but they are the stars of the current number one movie at the box office. >> i was waiting tables, going on lots of auditions. just kind of getting my feet wet and trying to get some good work. >> i was studying to be a programmer, a computer programmer. >> reporter: "paranormal activity" is with b a suburban couple who hear missouris in the night -- here noises in night and start videotaping everything in their home. >> watching it made me scared. i'm not a kid anymore. >> reporter: the real shocker about this movie is that it was shot with no name actors in one house in one week with a hand-held camera and cost $15,000. so far, it has grossed $64 million. by comparison the story of lost flyer amelia earhart starring
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oscar winner hilary swank cost $100 million and so far made just $4 million. roughly what the money would earn in a savings account. the hit movie made for about the cost of a hollywood lunch seems to come around every few years in this business. >> where are you? >> reporter: 10 years ago the blair witch project was made for $25,000 and grossed $248 million worldwide. but in the movies, success like this tends to be paranormal activity. a strange world in which the featured actors can buy a ticket to their own box office hit and no one notices. >> if this movie is any good i'll see it again. >> reporter: brian rooney, abc news, hollywood. >> i love stories like that. >> i want to know what a $15,000 hollywood lunch is all about. >> i would like to go to one. >> just once. >> you have a little sparkle in your eye. snow in some parts of the country. >> we've had snow. i'll talk about that coming up. we've got flooding to talk about right now. >> it's wet out there. >> mississippi river done run
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through dallas but some of this video may look like it. they picked up nearly an inch of rain yesterday outside of the dallas area but they've had over eight inches this morning. that is averaging more than an inch every two days. every three days. we've got a big problem and little stalled weather pattern here that continues to hit the same general areas of the deep south. yes, flooding out streets and that is part of the same weather system that is actually reaching us and willing affecting us today into tomorrow. sandbagging outside of dallas. that doesn't often happen. hopefully we won't have to do that around here but we've had heavy rain. where you see the yellow and orange, that's been the same spots from carroll county just outside of sykesville heading through westminster and up towards manchester, they've been hit with a few heavy downpours this morning. another one looks like it's coming from south central carroll county. it's near prettyboy reservoir and the 83 stretch in baltimore county. another batch just south of
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annapolis and near shady side. overall we've had this conveyer belt of moisture which has been developing across the area, extends to the gulf coast states. there's the dallas/fort worth area. that is the storm that blew through yesterday sliding its way through the gulf coast now. watch the evolution of this rain slide its rain out of the gulf in our direction. check the forecast maps on the model which indicate, first we're playing catch-up with the morning rain but showers likely to linger on and off. we may get a break for a couple of hours but we're going to have recent forcing shots come in by this afternoon. plan for rain again by the evening ride. the next surge bringing in heavy rain by 11:30 tonight. we try to clear out a little late in the afternoon and for the latter part of the week. 59 today, the best we'll do for the 2-degree guarantee with heavy rain at times. a break but then the rain comes back in this evening. tonight 53. throw in fog and showers
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continuing to tomorrow morning through about midday, still in the upper 50s. catch us on line at today's the day to go to the weather page and check out the interactive doppler radar. and the local weather conditions you can find at your fingertips on your screen. 6:15. here's kim brown. >> thank you. traffic is beginning to build and slow a little bit on the west side of the outer loop at liberty road, as you see we have heavy volume and a lot of slowing approaching the baltimore national pike area. no word of a crash there as of yet. i am getting word of a crash on the inner loop on the off-ramp to pulaski highway so definitely use caution there. northbound on the bw parkway that crash before route 175 does take away the left lane this morning. southbound route 29 at the baltimore national pike, that crash is off to the right shoulder. in hanover, this is going to be route 170 between 195 and elm road near the airport, that intersection remains closed due to that earlier accident and another crash coming in, in parole, westbound route 50 at the severn river bridge. this is going to be the jfx at north avenue. traffic is looking good so far
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on 83 but again the roads are really slick so be careful. back to you. a look at stories around the nation takes us first to south florida. a florida mom is facing child neglect charges after police found her passed out drunk with her two kids and her nephew in a running car. officers snapped photos, you see them there. she appeared before a judge yesterday who told her she would not be able to see her children. also this morning the northwest airlines pilots, you know the story, they flew their jet past its minneapolis landing by 150 miles. they could lose their jobs as well as their licenses. captain timothy cheney and first officer richard cole told investigators they were talking about a new crew scheduling program on their laptop computers while air traffic controllers, other pilots and the airline itself tried to contact them. >> if crews in very automated airplanes are having more of a propensity to just disconnect from the reality of where they are then we've got to be even
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more careful about rules we put in place to keep them engaged. >> delta has suspended the two pilots pending an investigation. now to a develop story, president barack obama is promising marine and navy personnel that he will never rush choosing whether to send u.s. troops to war. president obama appeared yesterday at the naval air force station in jacksonville, florida, to thank those who serve. the president is considering whether to send additional troops into afghanistan. democratic senator john kerry says a troop request from the top u.s. commander in chief in afghanistan is too ambitious. he says that the plan from general mccrist tal goes too far too fast. kerry who heads the senate foreign relations committee was the point man in talks with karzai last week. kerry is now supporting the modest increase with u.s. forces. sometimes after a meal
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people look to use a toothpick you might say. one man found them to be more useful than cleaning teeth. the 15-year project that kept him very busy. let's go to new york with the latest business news. >> reporter: good morning. we begin your "moneyscope report" with chrysler preparing to overhaul its line-up. the automaker is expected to unveil a product road map next week based heavily on vehicles from italian partner fiat. "the wall street journal" reports chrysler will phase out several of its own models including dodge, chrysler and jeep vehicles. the company will also introduce fiat's tiny 500-car and bring thal if a romeo back to the u.s. in 2012. joe biden will be in his home state of delaware today announcing a former general motors plant is opening under new leadership. it will plug in hybrid electric cars at the factory. the first vehicle goes on sale next summer. the cost of driving jumped
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again last week. the price of a gallon of gas rose a dime to an average of $2.67 a gallon. that's actually two cents higher than it was this time last year. newspaper circulation is falling faster than ever. average daily circulation of papers plunged more than 10% in the past six months. one reason the pace picked up, many papers are increasing prices to offset rapidly eroding advertising sales. upscale toy store fao schwartz will soon be available to millions more americans. toys "r" us is opening fao boutiques in nearly 600 of its stores. selling toys ranging from $3 to $65. fao is only two stand alone stores in new york and las vegas. toys "r" us bought the brand back in may. iceland is saying goodbye to the golden arches. the latest victim of the financial crisis. the country's three mcdonald's restaurants are closing next weekend because of soaring costs caused by the collapse of the nation's
6:20 am
currency. the restaurants would have had to sell the most expensive big mac in the world to make a decent profit. that is your "moneyscope report." i'm vinita nair.
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the rain continues to fall in some parts. pretty heavy this morning. watching that in carroll, northern baltimore county and the 83 stretch, we all have puddles this morning. while there may be a break in the rain at times we expect to it come back in earnest as we head through later this afternoon and evening. a high only 59 for the 2-degree guarantee. overnight low 50s and rain tries to take a break tomorrow morning. then a midday shower. then we're done with the storm, 59 again. 63 and more sun thursday. looks like showers trying to make a return late friday and
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into saturday. that's -- i apologize but right now it looks like it could be wet with highs at least warmer in the upper 60s. 6:23. i'm getting dirty looks from people in the studio. i'm just the messenger. but then so is kim brown. >> i am tweeting my message on so if you need a complete list of events you can go up there and see them there. as we look at the outer loop of the west side, that is a slow ride, it's going to be slow from owings mills, too, on southbound 795 headed towards the beltway. no incidents at the outer loop at this area but we have crashes around to tell you about, northbound on the bw parkway before route 175, that crash continues to block the leftlane there. on the inner loop, on the off-ramp to eastbound pulaski highway, a crash has that off-ramp closed at this time so be careful. also in hanover, near the bwi marshall airport, route 170 between 95 and elm road, that is closed due to a crash. a crash on westbound route 50 at the severn river bridge.
6:24 am
as we look at the jfx, it's moving decently at cold spring lane. lots of road spray but aside from that looking pretty good. back to you. new this morning -- an indiana man can finally relax after constructing a toothpick stage coach. it took terry wib woodling 15 years to make this. this year he and his wife will give thanks for it being done. woodling is known as mr. toothpick for good reason. he's been making things from the little wooden sticks since 1981. he has receipts from the garage wall of his room to show he's spent $1,200 in toothpicks alone. >> i had a hoist in the ceiling. i had it pulled out of the screelg and this thing came crashing down. i thought it's the end of this deal. >> he hoped that the stagecoach would make it to the guinness
6:25 am
book of world records you but didn't qualify because it's made with glue. those guinness people are tough. it's 6:25 now. if you go through a haunted house most of us would shriek but authorities say a baltimore city officer did more than scream. we're going to tell what you is ahead today for him after authorities say he pulled a gun in the fun house. we'll be right back.
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ohh... how many friends does a person need, sharon ? 'cause i'm thinking 90,000 is 90,000 too many. i can't imagine having too many friends, lewis. oh i can. i open the door to my apartment and 90,000 friends jump out from behind a futon screaming "surprise, happy birthday !" i would be in seventh heaven. i'd be in emergency cardiac surgery. you know a real friend would be giving me mouth-to-mouth resuscitation right now.
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concern mounts this morning over the h1n1 virus. the vaccinations that seem to be scarce and the place that is offering them this morning in anne arundel county. looking for jobs. thousands of people need work as checking accounts dwindle. the effort senator ben cardin is making to boost confidence and the economy. i got people hanging out of cars. it looks like 1964. >> it was a special night for brooks robinson. how some of baltimore's greatest sports legends came out to pay tribute to the hall of fame third baseman. that and more on this tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. jamie costello is back tomorrow. in the meantime we're going to send it over to justin berk, with a look at weather. >> not fun outside this morning. 6:28. we've got a little cool breeze, we've had a lot of rain and unfortunately that is going to make for a very slow commute.
6:29 am
let's check the view in westminster first. winters mill high school picking up .39 inches of rain with 50 degrees on the thermometer. as we show you westminster to reisterstown, a little knot of heavy rain north of finksburg, manchester topping the screen. this is a two-hour loop. you've seen the orange and red on the radar come through and that is an indication of pretty heavy rains. also baltimore county, the 83 stretch, on in through york county, pennsylvania, they are getting pummeled with heavy rain. another batch of moderate rain coming in through anne arundel county now near annapolis, bay bridge and over towards easton. really not fun this morning. so plan for the moderate-to-heavy rain, big puddles and slow drive. also that spray kicked up from the cars in front of you. near 50 this morning, only 59 for a 2-degree guarantee this afternoon, with break of rain at times, more by this evening. kim brown has a check of traffic. >> that is when most of the crashes are coming in, howard county and anne arundel county. fortunately nothing on the beltway at least on the west